TurkeyPossible sanctions to be imposed on Turkey by EU are held off

2021-01-26 14:01

Due to the optimistic developments, the European Union agreed to hold off on future sanctions against Turkey at the meeting of the EU’s foreign ministers on Monday.

Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Mass, who was in Turkey last week, said: “We did not decide to sanction Turkey today because we see that there are positive developments. Exploratory talks between Turkey and Greece have begun this evening in Istanbul. Those are all positive signals that we had waited for a long time, which should now not be strained by sanctions,” on his speech after the meeting.

Other EU states led by Germany keen on a more diplomatic approach

On December 10, at a meeting in Brussels, While France, Greece and the Greek Cypriot administration have pushed the hardest for Turkey’s tough line, other EU states led by Germany, the economic powerhouse, have so far been keen on a more diplomatic approach rather than to draw up a list of Turkish targets to be sanctioned.

While Turkey and the EU announced their intent to “turn a new page” the rhetoric on all sides has soften dramatically. Recently, Turkey has repeated that the country is part of the bloc and sees its future in the EU, while continuing its efforts towards full membership. Turkish officials have expressed their hope that progress will be made in 2021 and expect the EU to take necessary action.

61st exploratory talk

On Monday, Turkey and Greece launched the first direct diplomatic contact in nearly five years in the form of exploratory talks to address their disputes over sovereignty rights in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Foreign Minister of Turkey, who met top EU officials last week in Brussels, said Ankara, unlike Athens, was prepared for talks without preconditions.

In an attempt to find an equitable, sustainable and inclusive solution, the two countries have launched 61 exploratory talks to address the problems in the Eastern Mediterranean since March 12, 2002.

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