Defense IndustryUAVs/UCAVs boost Turkey’s Economy

2021-02-18 12:02

Huge contribution of UAVs/UCAVs to Turkey’s Economy

Investments made in the field of defence industry in the last 18 years have started to yield positive effects. The needs of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) have been met and great success has been achieved by the exports. While the annual turnover of the Turkish defence industry exceeds 11 billion dollars, 30 percent of it came from the export side. The indigenousness of the industry has exceeded 60 percent. Dependence on foreign defence industry in Turkey fell to 30 percent from 70 percent. The number of companies operating in the Defence Industry approached from 56 to 1500.

After 2000, a new era began in the Turkish defence industry

Demand for domestic and national defence industry products continues to increase from all over the world. Especially the unmanned aerial vehicles produced by “Baykar Defence” have recently achieved great goals abroad. After 2000, a new era began in the Turkish defence industry.

In 2001, a Technology Development Zone agreement was signed that enhances cooperation between universities, research institutions and manufacturing sectors.

Government incentives plays crucial role

The government focused on R&D projects in line with the modernization needs of the Turkish Armed Forces. Turkish Naval Forces Research Center and Maritime Design Bureau was established during this period for the modernization needs of the Turkish Naval Forces.

Efforts have accelerated in recent years, and the government has provided significant incentives to domestic companies. 90 percent reduction in corporate tax and up to 50 percent contribution to land investments.

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