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2021-02-22 16:02

1 million 200 thousand tourists travelled to Turkey

The construction of city hospitals, which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan described as “the dream”, continues. However, the important role of Turkey in the health sector has been spoken all around the world due to Turkey’s fight against Covid-19 and the success of its immunization program. In the world health league, Turkey ranks 4th after Thailand, India and Malaysia, where 1 million 200 thousand tourists prefer despite travel restrictions for health tourism.

Most of the tourists came from Iraq, Libya, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan for the treatment. Surgical operations were the first area where tourists received treatment. The tourists prefer Turkish physicians for cardiovascular surgery, IVF and cancer treatment.

$ 4 billion revenue from health tourism

In 2020, 4 billion dollars of revenue was obtained from health tourism. The success in the fight against the pandemic and newly constructed city hospitals, it is expected to have a much bigger shift.

What makes Turkey to be preferred?

Turkey’s health tourism potential reflected to the reports prepared by the institutions. According to the data in TÜRSAB; Turkey is expected to receive 2 million international patients in 2023. Probably, these numbers will increase even more after the pandemic period. Germany, Libya and Russia among those who prefer Turkey to receive treatment. When the hair transplant category is considered, there are tourists who prefer Turkey to receive treatment from the countries such as Spain, Germany, Portugal and England among European countries, apart from America, and South Korea, China and Far Eastern countries.

Technological infrastructure and high quality service play a major role in this success. Hair transplantation and aesthetic interventions also one of the reasons which makes Turkey an attractive destination in the world.

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